To Design A Year-Round Outdoor Entertainment Area
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How To Design Your Outdoor Entertainment Area For Any Season

Nothing beats the fantastic feeling of walking outside your front or back door and ending up marveling at a beautiful outdoor space. The summer and spring seasons are made even more perfect for entertaining guests, but do you know that hosting fun parties can extend beyond these warm and comfy seasons? You can think of designing your outdoor entertainment area for any time of the year. Doing so will make you and your family make the most out of this space in your humble abode.

Year-round outdoor fun

Regardless if the temperature is starting to rise or the colder months are just around the corner, your entertainment area can make all the difference in making sure your family and friends feel cosy and relaxed. The open-air setting can surely make conversations lighter. Pair that with great food and comfy outdoor furniture, and you’ll be having the best al fresco time without even trying.

Think of the many things and activities you can enjoy while outside the confines of your house. You can lounge by the pool all afternoon, grill some good steak and sausages for dinner, watch movies with kids, or just lazily sit by a corner and read your favourite book. There’s simply so much you can think of, and you’ll never run out of ideas when discovering how delightful it can be to make your outdoor entertainment area the ultimate spot for any season.

Fun under the sun

Outdoor spaces are typically perfect during warmer months. You can never go wrong with an entertainment area that’s fully equipped to accommodate not just guests but also the blazing heat of the sun. If you already have an extension of the house to apply a few modifications, that’s even better. Just be sure there’s enough shade to protect not just you and your guests from the glaring sunlight but also your outdoor furniture and accessories. (1)

One modification you can do is to install retractable awnings in your outdoor space. Depending on your needs and preference, you can have the awnings customised to fit the requirements of your entertainment area. Some awning manufacturers even offer features like automated wind sensors and motorisation to make sure you have what you need for maximum comfort.

Weatherising your year-round furniture

You may think that having separate sets of furniture for different seasons is a good choice, but if you think about it, that can add up more to your yearly budget and to-do things. The amount of money and time it may eat up for maintenance isn’t very ideal at all. To add, you also need to spend time disassembling the furniture and preparing it for storage. In this regard, why not consider investing in all-weather furniture pieces that you can enjoy all year round? (2)

Whether for the poolside patio, porch, or outdoor kitchen, weatherising the furnishings and fixtures can save you significant time, effort, and money. Make sure you invest in high-quality pieces that can stand the test of time and unpredictable weather changes. But of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll neglect the part where you need to do the necessary covering of your outdoor furniture, especially during extreme weather conditions. (3)

Secure a heat source for the colder days

Entertaining in the winter is already a challenge in an indoor setting. Bringing the festivity outside is another entirely different thing because of the cold weather you need to brace. The first step to ensuring your outdoor entertainment area won’t be interrupted during freezing temperature is to invest in a heat source. Outdoor heaters and firepits are some options you have to warm up the space. (4)

Throw in plenty of pillows and thick blankets to make the spot even cosier and perfect for snuggling up. You can also add festive lighting to elevate the ambiance and add another layer of warmth to the area. Fairy lights are a good start. Another idea is to add lighting to plants and greeneries so you can make the most out of what you already have in your outdoor space. (5) (6)

Maintain your garden

Another element that can make your outdoor area more pleasant is your garden. As you welcome a new season, perhaps the spring or summer, taking the time to plant fresh blooms and bulbs can go a long way in making the garden look lovelier than it already is. Add more colours and life to your entertaining area by maintaining flowers and plants that thrive in any soil and weather condition. (2)

Don’t forget to invest in landscape lighting to make the place look alive and delightful regardless of the time of the year. You can also add water features that are perfect for welcoming warmer months. Just make sure you know how to maintain and protect them as the winter season approaches. (5)

Final words: great entertainment for all seasons

Enjoying your outdoor space all year round may seem like an impossible thing, but it’s actually not. If you’re clever and persistent enough, you can think of ways to make the most out of every corner of your property. Whether it’s warm, cold, or just the right temperature outside, you can design your outdoor entertainment area that’ll suit any season.


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