Council Approval Service Sydney

We are a ‘one-stop shop’ for all approval needs, for our clients. At Spark Homes we strive to deliver a streamlined and stress-free building and construction experience to all of our clients. By providing a Streamlined council approval service for Sydney residents we can make sure there is no red tape when it comes time to build your dream property.

Council Approvals and Compliance

One Stop Solution for all your building requirements and Council Approval

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All our kit homes are engineered to Australian Designs and Standards

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All our homes are built with strict adherence to Australian Building Codes and Regulations


We work closely with a wide range of industry experts to provide our clients with the best possible information and advice.

  • Drafting

    Drawing Up of Plans (Both Architectural and Engineering)

  • Engineering

    Plans and Certification

  • Water Board Approval

    Access to Plumbers for Peg Outs, Sewer Encasements, Sewer Installation and Water Board Approval

  • Private Certifier

    Issuing Complying Development Certificates and Construction Certificates

  • Town Planner

    for the More Complicated Projects

  • Planner

    Statement of Environmental Effects – Required for Most Council Submissions

  • Hydraulic Engineer

    Flood Reports, Etc

  • Stormwater Engineer

    Stormwater Solutions

  • Bushfire Reports

    Bushfire Attack Level Assessments and Reports

  • Geotechnical Engineer

    Soil Assessment – Acid Sulphate Soils, Landslip Etc

  • Surveyor

    Survey of Your Block

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