Hebel Houses

Why Hebel is the best choice for dealing with issues arising in the build process

Established in 2006, custom home builder Latitude 37 Group has built hundreds of individually designed homes across Melbourne and along the Mornington Peninsula.

Specialising in knock down rebuild and dual occupancy projects, particularly on sloping sites and unique blocks, they regularly tackle difficult projects with great results.

Will Lamb, Director of Latitude 37, says that working with quality materials such as Hebel helps them to always deliver the best result.

“We haven’t had any issues with Hebel really. I can think of lots of other scenarios where we get issues but Hebel’s good in terms of its flexibility and a lot easier to work with. You’ve got a lot more scope to work around footings and things like that,” he said.

As well as being simpler to build with, Will explains the benefits of building with Hebel both during construction and at the completion of the project.

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