Gas Continuous Water Heater


Gas tankless gas water heaters provide the comfort and convenience of having a continuous supply of hot water. Our gas models are great as a hot water solution for homes with busy families, homes with luxury bathrooms, and vacation homes. The gas tankless water heater can use natural gas or petroleum gas. Sparkhomes devotes to manufacturing the best gas water heater for the world.

Product features include the following:

Outdoor rainproof installation: The tankless gas water heater is installed outdoor, takes the combustion air from outdoors, and exhausts the waste gas outdoor. Users can operate the gas tankless water heater with a wired controller, improving the safety of use.

Easy operation: Adopt an advanced smart microcomputer-controlled electronic proportional valve, an electronic gas regulator, a continuously variable DC blower, and a high-load burner. To obtain the flow of hot water, switch on the power supply, press the power button and turn on the hot-water tap. The whole process is automatically controlled so that the operation is easy.

Easy adjustment of water temperature: The microcomputer calculates the required amount of gas and combustion air following the water flow, water inlet and outlet temperatures, and temperature setting detected by sensors. An actuator in the water heater is triggered to increase the water temperature to the temperature setting. Achieve the thermostatic control with an electronic proportional valve, provide a wide range and easy adjustment of water temperature and meet the user's demand for excellent temperature adjustment around the year.

Detachable water filter: Considering the water quality in different areas, a detachable water filter is mounted at the water inlet to prevent any foreign matter from the water pipe and guarantee the water heater's regular running.

Automatic flow control: For a significant difference in water temperature between summer and winter, the water heater is configured with an intuitive flow control device to meet the user's demand for water temperature.

Leda Gas Continuous Flow

Product SkuSize or DetailsCost$Plus GST 10%Total Price GST Inc.Action
LCN26Takagi 26L Natural gas$720.00$72.00$792.00
LCN20Takagi 20L Natural gas$660.00$66.00$726.00
LCL26Takagi 26L LPG$720.00$72.00$792.00
LCL20Takagi 20L LPG$660.00$66.00$726.00
LCL20(P1)Takagi 26L Plus Recess Box$780.00$78.00$858.00
LCL20(P2)Takagi 20L Plus Recess Box$720.00$72.00$792.00

Leda Air Heat Pump

Product SkuSize or DetailsSTC AmountCost$Plus GST 10%Total Price GST Inc.Action
RSJ-15/190RDN3- CMidea HP170L$1,064.00$2,100.00$210.00$2,310.00
RSJ-35/300RMidea HP280L$1,102.00$3,094.00$309.40$3,403.40

Leda Electric Storage

Product SkuSize or DetailsCost$Plus GST 10%Total Price GST Inc.Action
HWE082TANK - 80 Litre , Elemen - 3.6kw$542.10$54.21$596.31
HWE122TANK - 125 Litre , Elemen - 3.6kw$633.00$63.30$696.30
HWE162TANK - 160 Litre , Elemen - 3.6kw$817.00$81.70$898.70
HWE252TANK - 250 Litre , Elemen - 3.6kw$872.00$87.20$959.20
HWE317TANK - 315 Litre , Elemen - 3.6kw$936.00$93.60$1,029.60
HWE402TANK - 400 Litre , Elemen - 3.6kw$1,196.00$119.60$1,315.60
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