Spark Steel Frame Ownerbuild


Industrial precision
down to the millimetre

At Spark Business Group  we are responsible for more than the actual production of the steel profiles and frames. From day one, our designers and engineers will be busy translating the architect’s plans into a tailor-made design ready to be sent to our machines.

Reports suggest that the average Australian house takes from four to twelve months to build. Spark homes is smashing that average & now offering clients within a week lock up time for conventional homes on your concrete slab . As leaders in innovation, we at Spark Homes are taking home building into 2020 and beyond with Eco-friendly,  Energy Efficient homes like no other. This new design is about still delivering a unique, fantasy-driven home yet securing it to lockup stage in lighting. Spark Homes manufacturer or distributor of Building products have been the leader in offering everything you need to build a house under their roof. Affordable, yet diverse in the building materials provided for large & small projects. To offer such an innovative process, We at Spark Homes have ensured that there is no trade-off & continue to develop exceptional
products for our clients. Whether you want minimalism or prefer extravagance, we have the right product for you.

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