PU PIR Panels for Wall's & Roof's

PIR PU, Polyurethane Wall & Trimdeck Roof Panels
  • Energy saving and heat insulation

    The closed cell rate is equal to or larger than 97% and the heat insulation performance is excellent.

  • Air tightness and sound insulation

    The products have great sound insulation and decrease the sounds due to impacts of rainwater or hailstone.

  • Environment friendliness

    Being free from formaldehyde and microorganisms, it may be recycled.

  • Beautiful appearance and high economical efficiency

    The products have diversifying surface forms and colors. Besides, they consume less materials and therefore save both construction time and construction cost

  • Fire -resisting performance

    The products have passed the inspections by National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fixed Fire-extinguishing Systems and Fire-resisting Building Components and proved to be in line with the requirement high grade.

  • Quick construction

    Polyurethane panels are produced in a very highly controlled environment with constant temperature resulting in steady quality. They naturally lend themselves to quick and easy construction with added benefits of insulation and acoustic properties as has been the case for over 35 years.

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