Glass Splash Backs


Glass Splash Backs                                                                                                                          

Our made-to-measure glass will add a unique, eye-catching interior design feature to your kitchen – whether you want to make a bold statement in your home or impress visitors and staff in your business.

Choose your look with a stock image from our huge library, a textured pattern, a word collage, or even your photo, and we’ll create a work of art that will act as an impressive focal point – with glass expertly cut to fit the exact size you need and printed to the highest standards using industry-leading technology.

At Sparkhomes, you can pick from a wide range of kitchen glass splashbacks to complement your house décor. From minimalist and clear options to bold red, blue, beige, purple, green, yellow, cream, grey, black and white glass splashback, we can create your ideal glass to bring your kitchen to life. Please choose from our huge range of colored glass splashbacks to add that ultimate finishing touch to your kitchen design.

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