Pontoons for Boat

These Pontoons are customized for small or large size boats. 

  • Material:Aluminum 5052-H32; ALUM6063-T5
  • Overall Length:15-27ft
  • Overall Dimensions :23′ x 25″ 
  • Overall Diameter: 25″(0.63m)   
  • Max load capacity:6Ton
  • Thickness:2.5mm

Large, sealed 25″ diameter pontoons;

Tube sections are crimped to interlock at seams, then welded with a strong, double-layered seam;

Multiple air-tight pontoon chambers ensure that a pontoon can safely return to the dock if a pontoon gets damaged or takes on wate

In pontoon construction, it’s the things you don’t see that add up to better performance today and durability that lasts for years. In every aspect of Ecocmapor, you’ll find better materials, stronger designs, more fasteners, and more points of reliable fusion. All to give you the ultimate peace of mind.


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