6 Tips to Take Into Account When Building Your Dream Bathroom
Spark Bathroom Renovation
  1. The Budget

Before you can even start your grand project, you need to be aware of your limitations. How much money can you, and how much are you willing to spend on making your dream bathroom? It’s simple enough with the accessories. You should just check out the prices online. If you’re on a tight budget, better keep the plumbing lines as they are currently. Arguably most of your funds will go on professionals and hard labour, making it all become a reality. The cost will differ from contractor to contractor, and so will the efficiency, and when your home is at stake, don’t go for the cheapest ones, go for proven professionals. A few vital questions for you to consider when balancing your budget:

  • What areas are essential for you?
  • Do you need to redirect pipes?
  • How much can you go over budget?
  • Are you planning on selling your property down the line?
  1. Layout

No matter how good your bathroom might look, it still has to deal with pipes and plumbing. Working with an architect or designer can help you out if you’re struggling with the logistics of it. Just don’t wing it. Start making plans before any actual construction is taking place. Make sure that you have enough plumbing storage. Mismanagement to save a few dollars can cause a world of pain down the line, especially financially. Choose the measurements per available space.

If you are having budget issues, consider reconfiguring the wet-wall layout. Wet walls are walls that have running water coming out of them. They can have a one-wet-wall, a two-wet-wall, and a three-wet-wall layout. As you might have guessed, having an extra wet wall costs more, so you can try reducing the plumbing elements by one. That does, however, restrict a bit of your design freedom.

  1. Flooring

You need to choose appropriate flooring made out of proper material that can withstand high temperatures, large amounts of moisture, and be slip-resistant to prevent accidents from occurring, especially if you have kids in the house. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are usually a better option than rugs and carpets. Stone flooring is more luxurious, but it’s also very slippery.

  1. Lighting

Choose lighting that illuminates the bathroom. If you lack windows, then it would be advisable to install a ceiling light to increase light levels. If this isn’t possible, settle for a bright artificial light source. You should prioritize maintaining a well-lit mirror. This can be done by placing the light source above the mirror for as little colour manipulation as possible, or you can place it on the ceiling to evenly distribute the lighting in the room. The latter being the better option for spacious rooms. You don’t want to be stuck with an absolutely grim and barely lit room.

  1. Plumbing

A bit decider for the amount of money you will spend is the plumbing. Most of the time, it is not worth it to move the entire plumbing layout around just so you can place a great bidet next to the shower, as it proves to be very expensive with little real return. Especially if you’re on a budget, consider the plumbing lines where they are, and that’s final. If you have your heart set on moving the plumbing, then do it while the bathroom is in the rough phase.

Keep in mind that changing the layout of toilets and other water sources require changing the plumbing layout.

  1. Décor

Once you have figured out the logistics and essentials, you can start making your vision come to life. What details of the bathroom do you want to improve? Depending on the available space, you can build a grand chandelier inside of the bathroom.  You can also create a mini-spa, lavish shelves, and even concealed speakers for entertainment. Hell, you can even hang some artwork inside, provided you have adequate space for it. The key is to personalize it just because it’s the bathroom doesn’t make it any less part of your home and hence you. Therefore, style it in a way that makes it yours.


Bonus Tip

Let’s be honest! Nobody likes clean-up days. We tend to take every opportunity to avoid cleaning up. It becomes even more stressful when you just can’t seem to get those corners in the bathroom clean. That is why when you are building your new bathroom, you should consider suspending it. By suspending the toilet, the sink, and the furniture, you are effectively removing the fixed parts of the bathroom, making maintenance duty so much easier. Luxury does not have to represent material value, entering your bathroom and breathing in while smiling is a perfect indicator of luxury of the mind. Having a clean room makes you happy and relieves stress and anxiety.


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