7 Wonderful Designer Bathroom. Number 6 is Absolutely Stunning
Bathroom Spark

A lot of people say, “What’s there is a bathroom”? These people rarely give a second thought to the fact that they and all others tend to spend a good time in their bathrooms. So, there is nothing wrong with turning the space into a simple and gorgeous place.


Of course, bathrooms should have all essential facilities, but they must also be accessorized with good storage and chic dispensers.


So, go through the exquisite designer bathroom designs and get inspired to come up with a space that speaks of elegance and style.

1.    Metals, Metals, and Only Metals

The metal trend has come back this 2021, and that too with full strength. A lot of bathrooms are still designed in brass, though you can easily embrace the use of metal in your washroom to give it a completely different appearance.


Apart from metals, you also have the option of going for silver, gold, platinum, and brushed or stainless steel as well-known finishes. You can have metal-finished cabinet knobs and bold brass faucets.

2.    Minerals and Stones

Yet another amazing bathroom design trend this season is the use of minerals and natural stones. These are not just being used as decorative units but also in the form of functional pieces. For instance, the typical porcelain sinks are fast being replaced by polished stone varieties.


Minerals and stones can also be used as décor items in a modern bathroom. What about choosing a natural stone or luxurious marble tub for your lavatory only if your budget allows you to do so?

3.    Greenery Everywhere

Green bathrooms are trending this season. But there is a specific plant group you need to use in the space. Ensuite bathrooms should have a completely green featured appearance starting from green indoor gardens to green walls.

4.    Use of Dramatic Colors

For the ones who are completely bored of their white and beige bathrooms, there is good news with some dramatic colors coming back this season. And this goes special for the color black.


Yes, black paint and tile are largely being used in bathrooms with stark contrasts and dramatic lighting. To be more precise, you must not be afraid of using dark colors in your gorgeous space. Such colors, when used instrumentally in bathrooms, speak of glamorous tastes.

5.    Floral Patterns

Small flowers, big flowers, understated flowers, and colorful flowers are all making their way towards the modern bathrooms. Of course, even real flowers can be used for decorating spaces provided your budget permits. Apart from this, try getting shower curtains and towels in floral prints and patterns.

6.    Using Pink in Its Varied Shades

Now, this is the most stunning designer bathroom idea that has not been mentioned to date. It speaks of feminism and offers a feminine appeal to modern bathrooms. It does not really matter whether you are using the more subtle and simple pinky-beige hue or the flashy, hot pink; it’s all about the different shades of pink this season.

7.    Creating Personalized Spaces

Giving a personalized touch to a luxury bathroom is also a trend being practiced these days. It has become more important than following the other designer ideas mentioned above.


So, here you are! These designer bathroom ideas are sure to strike your senses and make a huge splash in your modern lavatory.


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