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Renovating a house is one of the favourite things of the family because everyone is looking forward to the modern design and proposing ideas together. However, it is true renovation can be very expensive, so couples prepare for months and set aside money to achieve their goals. The goal is to make the home ideal for all family members, to be functional, modern and equipped with modern appliances and furniture. Renovation requires time and money, so this endeavour requires proper organization and prioritization. You must also count on unforeseen circumstances and costs, but also be ready to organize certain jobs together with your friends or family members. It is extremely challenging to fit the renovation of the whole house, especially when you have obligations at work or around children. Couples who live together always have new ideas for decorating the space because they want to give value to their home and make it comfortable and feel comfortable in it. During the pandemic, we learned that time at home is really important, but even then, we could notice all the imperfections. Believe it or not, and research shows that sales of furniture and home materials increased by 40% during the pandemic! It just says how aware we are when it comes to furnishing the home. We needed to be at home for a longer period of time and see what we could improve in the space in which we live. Whether you are renovating a small love nest for just two or you are inspired to renovate an entire house where you live with children, we have prepared an accurate guide for you to help you renovate your house so you can enjoy every corner!

In the following lines, find inspiration and renovate the house within your budget!

Simple design

Before you start renovating, think about what kind of design you want in your home. Complex designs are always more expensive than expected. They may seem tempting at first glance, but they require a lot more effort and money. It is important to make your home functional and not to be overwhelmed with excess stuff.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavians are known to like to be comfortable at home and enjoy maintaining every room with ease. Their motto is to make the home as easy to maintain as possible so it doesn’t take too much time. They advise you to throw out excess items and choose comfortable, quality furniture when renovating. You need to adapt your rooms to the activities inside them. When we look at their houses, we frequently see how they single out the Corner, the Children’s Corner and a special wardrobe room. Size does not affect it, only the layout.


Minimalism is extremely popular and will make renovation costs lower than expected. The secret of minimalism is the rooms are maximally organized and that nothing collects dust. Guided by this idea, we can set priorities and fit them into the planned budget. Fans of the minimalist style say we should put ourselves and our partner we live within the first place. In practice, this means we do not need to adapt to the space, but that it must adapt to our wishes and needs. By the way, research has shown the minimalist style is much healthier for us because such a space collects much less dust and is easier to maintain.

Project and budget planning

Renovation planning is an important item that saves us time and money. Before the work begins, you need to come up with a detailed plan and know where to start. You may not be renovating the whole house at the same time, so it is good to determine what is most important. You need to be confident in your decisions and research everything in detail before the masters knock on the door. When you have a lot of work focus on changing the floors first and then tidying up the walls. For large works, it is good to work all the rooms at once, because then it will be cheaper for you. You already have the facilities at your disposal, and you should use them in the best possible way. As for the budget, the figure you have is the maximum. This means 20% of the budget should be set aside because there are always surprises and unforeseen expenses. You have 80% of your budget available to spend and allocate. You need to set aside money for design, craftsmen, materials and other things.

Find more affordable masters

When it comes to masters, they must be of excellent quality, so it is good to get acquainted with their work through social networks or sites and read reviews from former clients. The competition in the market is great, so it is true you will find cheaper craftsmen who work just as well as those who are expensive and who do not fit your budget. It is better to find good craftsmen who are cheaper and to invest the rest of the money in materials and decoration than to spend most of the budget on a craftsman who is at the top with prices. When it comes to materials, they should be straightforward to maintain and should last a long time. You can find affordable prices and various manufacturers if you research in advance.

Think ahead

In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about energy efficiency. It is no longer just about lighting, but we have the opportunity to reduce costs in the long run, when we invest in solar panels, water heaters without tanks or smart devices for the house.

Bathroom renovation

When it comes to renovating a bathroom, you need to choose the elements that you like and that will make your space bigger and more functional. If you have a small bathroom, you can choose a shower cabin instead of a bathtub and get a cupboard that will contain all the products you normally use. Also, you should choose a quality toilet bowl, sink and faucets. You should buy all this until the master starts working so that you do not waste time later. When we talk about tiles, they are the most popular for wall and floor coverings, and at the top of the trends are mosaic tiles, which can beautify your space in the best way.

Kitchen renovation

Renovating a kitchen also requires tiling the floors and walls. It is not mandatory, but it is the easiest to maintain. Also, you need kitchen elements that fit your style, and that will raise the whole space to a higher level. In addition, you need chairs and a table in the kitchen, as well as decoration, which will make the kitchen more pleasant for cooking and dining with the family.

Renovation of the bedroom

Couples desire their bedrooms to become a romantic oasis where they will enjoy and feel relaxed. Even when it comes to small rooms, you need to keep in mind what is important and necessary to you. The designers suggest that the double bed be the central part of the room and that you also have one large armchair on which you will be able to read or talk in the evening. The bedroom has carpets, a lamp for a pleasanter atmosphere, as well as art paintings on the walls. You should avoid bringing the device into the bedroom because this room should be silent and you should be relaxed when you spend time with your partner.

Renovation of the living room

The living room is the heart of every home because you spend most of your time there with your partner, family and friends. Arrange it so that you have enough space for your favourite activities and that you can relax at any time when you come home from work. Technical devices are extremely desirable here, and we mean a TV, music player, and even a computer if you do not have a separate room for work. The space should be arranged so that it is bright, interesting and inspires and generates creativity in you because you will spend most of the day here.

Renovation of other rooms

In addition to the main rooms, we should also think of children’s rooms, home office and wardrobe. Even if you do not currently need to decorate certain rooms because they think that they still do not have the right function, the floors, walls and windows should be arranged. Children’s rooms should be equipped to suit children’s needs and be decorated with details. Offices should contain all the devices required for work, a comfortable chair, a table and a figure on the wall that will inspire you to work.


And finally, when the masters leave and everything is arranged, it remains for us to furnish the space as we want and to insert the details that we like. This includes furniture, carpets, lamps, paintings, wall elements. There is a wide selection of these products on the market, so you can select the ones that match your style and the ones that will not exceed the rest of the budget left after the main works.

We believe that with these tips you will have a dream home! Renovating your home is extremely useful and will make you enjoy your stay at home.

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