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Spark homes double glazed doors and windows

Double Glazed Doors and Windows

We have a range of Doors and Window products!

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Our Double Glazed Doors are more than just meets the eye. Apart from looking phenomenal and having amazing quality, they also are great at keeping sound out and they also save you lots of money during winter and summer seasons because in winter it keeps the heat in AND in summer keeps the heat out!

Our Glass Sliding doors and Windows are more than extraordinary and far from ordinary! The benefits to glass sliding doors are endless but here’s just a few: they let in natural light – that’s going to save you money on electricity bills! They don’t take up important living space and not to mention, they also give the illusion of MORE SPACE! Be the envy of your friends!

We also have amazing and high quality Awning windows! They reduce external noise, are suitable to both contemporary and traditional style houses, they can be placed on higher walls unlike many other windows, they can be locked in the open position and lets in ventilation!

Spark Homes Stacker Doors are of amazing quality! They come with so many benefits that will leave you speechless! They take up little to no space, they allow wide and un-obstructed views of your yard, they help you have full control of the temperature of your house by letting you open it completely when it’s hot and allow you to close it tightly when it’s cold! Not to mention that they let in incredible natural light – so it’s also energy efficient! How about that! Don’t go another day without them.

Our French Design doors and windows will make you the envy of all your friends! This design is coming back into style, so make sure you get them before the trend gets absolutely wild! They’re perfect for replacing space on your walls and add a stylish look to your home! And guess what? They are completely durable! They’re energy efficient and they let in amazing ventilation – keeping your family safe and healthy.

Spark Homes Hinged doors are made of high quality and amazing designs! They’re quiet to open so it’s perfect for the work place and for homes with sleeping babies/children, they’re effective sound and light proofing and they’re traditional so they look good basically everywhere!

Our staff at Spark Homes are always happy and helpful! If you have any questions, want to make an order or want to talk to us, please don’t hesitate.

Please do feel free to contact us for further details

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