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Vinyl Cladding

You’ll never have to repaint and repair your exterior walls ever again! Vinyl Cladding is Australia’s ultimate wall cladding for home building, construction, renovations, extensions and additions.

  • Our new generation of Vinyl walls cladding offers rich modern colours with wood grain textures to turn a house into a home.
  • It’s engineered to Australia’s toughest weather conditions! Whether it’s rain, wild winds and extreme heat, it’s our cladding that will protect your family and home.
  • Our cladding is meant to last, and we can guarantee that with our 50 year warranty!
  • It’s Eco-Friendly, CFC free, solid foam insulation and fully protected.
  • Not to mention, it’s extremely easy to install! Comes with a manual or we can recommend someone from our Australia wide list of installers to give you a quality installation job that will look good for years and years.

We have a range of Vinyl Cladding to choose from. Check out our website to view a whole list of them (includes prices, sizes and options).

For more details and pricing you can logon to our official website or click the below link to find more details about our Vinyl Cladding.

Vinyl Cladding

Please do feel free to contact us for further details

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