We have always prided ourselves on the integrity, efficacy, and overall exceptional high quality of ALL our products, because seeing the satisfaction and happiness in our customers is the best reward imaginable.  We are continually exploring methods to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers, and we always consider various important factors such as durability, safety, energy-efficiency, and cost-saving.  We are willing to go ‘that extra mile’ to see how we can devise the best product to meet all variables.  We are therefore delighted – not to mention extremely excited! – to announce our new and innovative steel frame kit is about to make its impressive grand entry onto the Australian market!


Created using state of the art 3D designing software and cold rolled steel, this kit is the first of its kind.  Noting the necessity to suit Australia’s climate, we now have a product that:


  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions;
  • Will not retain moisture in damp weather, and will therefore discourage mould growth;
  • Is non-combustible;
  • Is adaptable to various types of cladding;
  • Is termite-proof (unlike timber products);
  • Is environmentally friendly;
  • Has insular qualities that render it energy-efficient;
  • Has been designed to ensure minimal wastage;
  • Is not subject to wet weather delays;
  • Is ergonomic for builders;
  • Is suitable for all types of buildings and home renovations (both internal and external); and
  • Is modular and transportable.


This kit will completely transform the construction industry for the better.  It’s new, it’s Australian-made, creates a one-stop-shop solution, and ticks every box on the renovator/builder’s list.  We are all incredibly thrilled and proud to have brought it to you, and we can’t wait for the sense of fulfilment we get from knowing we have played a positive part in our customers’ lives.

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