Top 3 Causes Of Building & Construction Disputes

Construction projects are on the rise with every passing day. With labourers working hard on-site, there are many architects, construction planners and real estate agents at work, in different parts of the world, every day.


While we would prefer to look at the positives of the building projects, there is a con to every advantage. Building dispute lawyers in Sydney are some of the more commonly hired lawyers in the city, with some of the main reasons for hiring the building lawyers in Sydney for the following reasons:

1.      Errors in the contract or any omissions


Possibly one of the most common reasons for building and construction disputes would be the presence of errors in the contract. Miscommunication and unsolved problems at the start of the project can lead to problems in the contract, which can grow to be major issues after the construction project has started.


Many a time, building projects are suspended or even halted due to the presence of errors in the contract. After this, only a building dispute lawyer in Sydney can help you resolve the problems in hand.

2.      Unexpected site conditions


The reason why thorough contracts must be formed at the beginning of the construction projects. If not, you might be greeted with errors that you were unable to predict at the start of your project. Your building contract should be inclusive of site conditions (with thorough site checks, allowing you to know more about the soil of your construction site), the weather conditions (in case there is a delay in the construction project, or if it ends up taking more time than expected) and more.


Contracts that fail to address all the possible problems of the project end up leading to construction disputes and difficulties later on, which can ultimately result in legal disagreements.

3.      Understanding the rights and regulations


Sometimes, construction projects consist of several different partners, subcontractors and even stakeholders as a part of the construction process. Unlike other projects, construction projects take time – which means, there will be quite a few disputes in the long run. While some might be petty affairs, the rest can grow to be legal disputes.


At a time like this, every partner and stakeholder need to know their rights in the scenario. Looking over the regulations of building and construction law will allow you to understand that each individual is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in their contract, which can further be assessed with the building lawyer that you hire.


Unless you understand your rights in the project, you will not be able to defend yourself from the issues that will inevitably arise later on in the process.

Hiring a reliable construction lawyer should be your first call – here’s why


When working in partnership with other corporations on a particular project, you need to have a reliable lawyer ready to defend you in case of any mishaps, at all times. Pobi Lawyers are a set of lawyers that can assist you in the details of building and construction projects, allowing you to be at the forefront of information from the very beginning of your project.


Hiring a reliable construction lawyer will allow you to form a contract that works out to be profitable for every individual involved, permitting you to be in a safe position during the project through the years. Don’t rely on the words of a partner and assure your safety with a building lawyer at hand, now.

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