Swimming Pool


Where can Spark Pools be shipped?

The beauty of our pools being constructed from a shipping container is the ease of transportation. Our Spark Pools can be shipped worldwide. Shipping is not included in the Spark Pool base price as it is dependant on location.

Does the window glass come standard?

The window is not included in the base price. We can customize it for you.

How long will it take for my Spark Pool to be manufactured?

Each Spark Pool is built to suit our individual customer’s site. Lead times are dependant on the number of customers ahead of you in the fabrication queue. Please contact us for up-to-date lead times

How do I install a Spark Pools?

Spark Pools can work with your local contractors, advising on proper installation procedures. Ground prep will likely be required, the most common and cost effective is 8” of compacted gravel. A concrete slab. Pears is also a popular method for placing our Spark Pools on. Please note, these are the most common methods and various alternatives exist.

Once our Spark Pools are placed, only two service connections need to be made:
 (electrical service and designated ground wire)

Can I have my Spark Pool painted a different colour ?

Yes, we do just give us your favourite Colour Choice for interior and exterior and it’s done.

Is Spark Pools an above or below ground pool?

Spark Pools can be installed both above or in-ground.

Are there pool covers available?

For all our sizes of our Spark Pools, we offer both an electric and manual cover option

Is site engineering drawings included?

No site engineering is not included, some local council do ask for engineering you would

need to hire a local engineer for this job, or we can help you with the same.

 Can I Organise my own Transport?

Yes, you certainly may, just make sure that they have insurance.

Can A decking kit option be provided with the Spark Pool?

Yes, we can please provide us your decking size to give you a quote

Can I have Steps inside the Pool as Option

Yes we can add them at a cost, will send you various designs to choose from to give you a quote

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