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Luxury camping is known as «glamping», a portmanteau of glamor and camping.

Glamping: a different kind of outdoor vacation

Glamping in Australia

A massive and mysterious island nation, Australia hosts a dazzling array of eco-tourism and adventure travel opportunities. From the parched, yet beautiful, outback to dense coastal rainforests, Australia offers much to curious travelers. Imagine relaxing in a safari-style tent amidst paperbark trees in a bush environment. Or leaving a quaint cottage to explore the Great Barrier Reef, and then bumping into a kangaroo or two. You may even glimpse an iconic koala as you waken to tropical birds on your veranda. Whether your travel dreams include a treehouse overlooking vast swaths of forest, or a private beach frequented by pods of dolphins, or perhaps an exciting way to experience ancient cultures, you can fulfill them by glamping in Australia.

Sleeping by the water, in the forest or in the mountains is a dream come true for nature lovers and families. Camping sites are particularly popular among children. Not so among parents – they'd like a bit more luxury. Glamping combines the best of both worlds.


Opinions about camping are sharply divided: some shudder at wet tents, flat air mattresses, extreme heat and long lines in front of public bathrooms. Others revel in the incomparable freedom and nature. They sleep on their own sheets in the fresh air, are happy to put a steak on the fire and delighted by the quiet and simplicity – they camp for its own sake. It's their hobby.

A candle or a chandelier

Everyone prefers something different on their vacation: a tent or a suite, an air mattress or a king size bed, a candle or a chandelier. But demand for outdoor vacations is clearly growing. As life gets increasingly hectic, many people long for a slower pace and turn to nature for rest and relaxation. They feel rejuvenated by waking up to birds chirping and not by painting the town red at night.

Plan Features

Price $89,000 + GST
Size: 90 Square meter
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