Artificial Designer Ceiling

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Perfect for both commercial and residential applications, these SPARK Designer Ceiling are constructed from .03" . Their lightweight and durable material make these tiles easy to install. SPARK Designer ceiling are also waterproof, which means they are washable and will not stain from mildew or humidity. These tiles are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to add that designer touch at an amazing price. Lightweight Our SPARK Designer ceiling are incredibly lightweight, which means there is less strain and stress during the installation process. Also, you can easily move them if you ever have to access the backside of the grid. Easy to Install These tiles are flexible which makes installation a breeze and ideal for areas with minimal clearance, unlike traditional mineral fiber tiles that easily break, crumble, or chip. Slide them into the suspension system alone or beneath an existing tile. You can also install these directly to your ceiling using the glue up method, just grab construction adhesive such as Red Devil General Purpose Construction Adhesive. Cutting ceiling tiles has never been easier - scissors or tin snips get the job done best. Waterproof Say goodbye to those nasty water stains and bowed ceiling tiles from water damage. SPARK Designer ceiling are virtually impervious to water and mildew, giving you peace of mind that your tiles will look great for many years to come. Durable Our SPARK Designer ceiling are durable. Made out of high-quality Spark Polystryren, these are sure to stand the test of time. Easy to Clean With water and a quick wipe down, your tiles will maintain their new and fresh look. This is another benefit to SPARK Designer ceiling compared to porous mineral fiber tiles. Enjoy the appeal of clean, beautiful, long-lasting tiles.
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