Decorating Your Poolside Patio? Here Are Some Ideas
Swiming Pool Spark X

You managed to get a swimming pool in your backyard, but what now? What should the patio look like? Which chairs should be used for lounging? Which art style should be complimenting the pool well enough for it to look luxurious without spending way too much?

Here are some tips to help you figure out what you can do.

Before taking action, you must first decide what sort of look you want your patio to have. Do you want it to have a warm or cool tone? If you want a warm tone, do you want it to look beachy or flowery? If you want a cooler tone, are you aiming for a contemporary or modern look? Once you figure out the answer to these questions, decorating your patio will be much easier than before.

After making up your mind, the first step in the process of your furnishing should be the selection of the tiles you want to use. Natural stones are rising in the list of preference for walkways and pool surrounds in your patio. Limestone, flagstone, travertine, slate, marble are few of the most commonly used stones and provide an eco-friendly result, with a few of them being economical as well.

The highest in demand would be the French Pattern Travertine stone, and it can be used in 3 different states: Natural and textured, mattified and smooth, glossy and smooth. When it comes to your poolside, you will be walking barefoot for a long while, and textured floors are perfect for it. With a varied colour scheme of browns and white, it allows you to play with both warm and cool tones. It is cost-friendly, ideal for both hot and cool climates, and adds a classic look to your patio. For the best Travertine Tiles in Melbourne, is amongst the best suppliers and importers of natural stone and can assist you with your enquiries as soon as you reach them.

After the smooth sailing of tiles, you need to decide what must come around it. Is there enough space for a lounging area? What should go around the sides of the swimming pool? What kind of lights should go around the pool? Once the idea is clear in your head, you can go forth with the execution of your plans.

If your patio is big enough, you can opt for a separate lounging area which can be used during pool parties for snacks, or even a tea-break. It’s best to keep it at a slight distance from the pool to ensure that neither the lounge nor the pool gets dirty in case of any accidents.

When it comes to the decor that will be placed alongside the pool, you can opt for decorative rocks, plants, LED lights, or even fountains. A mini fountain could be placed outside to disperse water inside, or even just place one in the pool itself. Decorative rocks are the best for adding an earthy look and can be complemented by the placement of plants alongside them.

You can even go as far as to turn your entire poolside patio to a natural stone haven. With tables of marble and Travertine underneath it, the entire image of your patio will go upside down (in a good way, too!). Pietra Gallery deals with several natural stones and can assist you with the perfect guidance on how to go about with the plan you come up with.

Once you follow through with all these steps, you will be left with a beautiful poolside patio that is ready for gatherings with friends and family

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